ZNA (Zen Nippon Airinkai) 全日本愛鱗会
ZNA is an internaional koi club based in Oita Pref. Japan with long history. Dr Takeo Kuroki organized Oita Airinkai (koi club) with 53 members in 1962. Oita Airinkai branched out and created Nishi Nihon Airinkai in 1965. In 1969, there was a big Nishikigoi boom in Japan and Airinkai became a national club known as Zen Nippon Airinkai, that is, ZNA in short.
zen nippon 全日本 : all japan
ai 愛 : love
rin 鱗 : scales
kai 会 : club
The 59th ZNA International Koi Show will be held this weekend at Okayama Well-port Nadasaki.
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