ZNA 59th International Koi Show was held at Okayama Well-port Nadasaki on 10-12th November.

104cm Taisho Sanshoku of Mr.Juan won the Grand Champion by first round with 29votes. This Sanke won the 53rd All Japan Koi Show this year bred by Sakai Fish Farm in Hiroshima, she’s gained 4cm long since then. The development and Sakai’s keeping skill amazed everyone there.

And Zipangu Grand Champion went to Mr. Amin’s over 90bu Hikarimuji bred by Sakai Fish Farm.

Full report will be in the coming issue.

Grand Champion
over 90bu Taisho Sanshoku
Mr. Yuan Jian Dong (China)
Bred by Sakai Fish Farm

Zipangu Grand Champion
over 90bu Hikarimuji
Mr. Amin (Indonesia)
Bred by Sakai Fish Farm

Congratutaions to Mr. Yuan and Mr. Sakai (centre)


Photo Gallery from ZNA 59th International Koi Show

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