The 38th All Japan Young Koi Show was held at Otemae-Park in front of Himeji Castle on 26-27th March.

Mr. Naoyuki Hashimoto won the Grand Champion with beautiful Showa, bred by Isa Koi Farm, handled by Narita Koi Farm and Ikebukuro Nishikigoi. Runner-up GC went to Kohaku of Mr. Donald Kerr, bred by Momotaro-koi, handled by Yume Koi Japan.

38th All Japan Young Koi Show Grand Champion

Grand Champion

63bu Showa Sanshoku

Mr.Naoyuki Hashimoto(JAPAN)

Bred by Isa Koi Farm

Handled by Narita Koi Farms

Agency Ikebukuro Nishikigoi

38th All Japan Young Koi Show Runner Up

Runner-up Grand Champion(Mature Champion)

63bu Kohaku

Mr.Donald Kerr(UK)

Bred by Okayama Momotaro-koi

Handled by Yume Koi Japan

38th All Japan Young Koi Show Grand Champion B

Grand Champion B

63bu Goshiki

Mr.Šç •¸–¥(China)

Bred by Kawakami KoiFarm

Handled by Narita  Koi  Farms  Japan

Agency Sanshin Trading

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