Shime-gai 締め飼い
Shime-gai is one of the way of koi keeping, also known as “Bonsai Koi”. Trying to keep the size and beauty (not to grow big and fast).
This Omosako Shiro Utsuri became famous as “Super Bonsai Koi”, won the Young Champion of the 59th ZNA International Koi Show on last November, it was 6yrs old and 40cm.
Mr. Matsuda, the owner of the koi, purchased this Shiro at Uosui(Osaka) when it was 2yrs old and 25cm. It won the Best in Variety of the 8th International Junior Koi Show at 4yrs old and 36cm. (There is the short article of this koi in Jan issue 81p)
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