Kanno Koi Farm is one of the best Goshiki breeder, they also breed beautiful Kikusui, Beni Kikokuryu, Ochibashigure, Doitsu Showa, Hi Utsuri and a few more varieties spawned over the last few years.

They success in crossbreeding between two big title holders on 2021 season, we had a great opportunity to watch the spawning.


Steps in the Process of Koi Breeding with Kanno Koi Farm


Confirmation of tracking behavior


Confirmation of discharge of eggs


Anesthetize a female parent koi and collect eggs


Weigh eggs


Collect semen


Place a mixture of eggs and semen into a fertilization device


Sprinkle fertilized eggs over an artificial implantation net


Fertilized eggs on the net that are about to hatch


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