Nogyosai 農業祭
Nogyosai means agricultural festival, the term is well known as Koi Breeders Show. There will be big two Nogyosai Koi Shows coming this weekend.
“60th Hiroshima Koi Show” on 3rd Nov (Friday) at Kure Portpia Park
“63rd Niigata Koi Show” on 4,5th Nov (Sat&Sun) at Ojiya Gymasium
Nogyosai Koi Show is a special koi show for koi breeders as it’s only for breeders to enter. They display their newly harvested masterpieces. It is a competition but more likely “harvest festival” atmosphere.
We RINKO will have the booth at Niigata Nogyosai, looking forward to seeing you all there.


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Author: RINKO online