There are 2 major Nishikigoi organizations in Japan, Shinkokai for breeders and dealers, ZNA for hobbyists. Both of them are trying to spread Japanese Koi culture, please contact them if you are interested in joining them.



All Japan Nishikigoi Promotion Association


Organization of Nishikigoi breeders and dealers. Established on January 1970.


174-1 Hiu Otsu, Ojiya, Niigata 947-0003 JAPAN

TEL:81-258-83-3345 FAX:81-258-83-5757


Niigata District

Chugoku District

Shikokai Koi Show Results



Zen Nippon Airinkai


The biggest Koi Club in the world. Established on February 1962.


9-1-47 Ishigaki-nishi, Beppu, Oita 874-0910 JAPAN

TEL:81-977-21-4151  FAX:81-977-21-4529




RINKO Online
Author: RINKO Online

RINKO was published in 1962 as the first Nishikigoi magazine in the world. Dr Takeo Kuroki organized Oita Airinkai (koi club) with 53 members. He wrote the most articles which were written on A5 size paper, printed in black and white and 28 pages long with his wife’s artwork on the front cover. When Dr Kuroki met our founder Shuji Fujita, they consulted on publishing his first book “Nishikigoi”. This created hundreds and thousands of “koi-kichi” (koi lovers/people crazy about koi). Their work together resulted in the success of RINKO Issue 15, the first cover printed in color. Since then their journey of introducing Nishikigoi culture to the world has blossomed.