The 70th Nagaoka City Koi Show scheduled on October 29

** This article is originally from the issue No.831 (October, 2023).

Nagaoka City Nishikigoi Breeders’ Association

The forerunner of the Nagaoka City Koi Show was called the Yamakoshi General Nishikigoi Show. After municipal mergers between Nagaoka city and its five surrounding towns and village, including Yamakoshi, the show’s name was changed to the Nagaoka City Koi Show. This year is the 70th anniversary counting from the forerunner.

In autumn, there are various koi shows held in Niigata, from the Agricultural Festival to each koi breeder’s private fair. The Nagaoka City Koi Show is highly popular among Western koi fanciers, because they can exhibit their koi which were raised by koi breeders in Nagaoka City. The show venue is always thronged with visitors from in and out of the country. They are welcomed with not only Nishikigoi but a variety of events, such as local food booths and special events for children.

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