The Point of Koi Keeping

The most important point of koi keeping is to create quality water. The flow of pond water is also very important so that koi can get enough exercise in it. The pond water needs sufficient oxygen and aerobic bacteria, which can purify the pond water smoothly. As previously mentioned, keeping the water temperature at certain degrees is also very important.

The feeding methodology is another importance. Since koi have no stomach, too much feed is a heavy burden for the intestines, which may cause koi to develop other illnesses. After koi finish hibernating, you should give them a small amount of digestible food while giving utmost attention to their condition.

After making sure of the stability of the koi’s health conditions, you can switch to color enrichment feeds or add some supplementary feeds.

Like many other pet animals, koi cannot express their physical condition in words. It is your responsibility to observe their swimming manners carefully so that you are able to understand their conditions such as hunger, having parasitic worms, and an oxygen shortage.

Koi Keeping in an Aquarium

Many people think koi keeping requires a large pond, but you can keep koi in any vessel. Recently, aquarium koi keeping has become popular among young people in big cities due to their housing situation.

When kept in a large pond, koi grow quickly. On the contrary, when kept in an aquarium, they remain small in size for a long time. You can easily observe and take care of your koi in your room. You can also keep koi in a large-sized plastic container or molded pond on the porch or veranda. Depending on the circumstances, you can choose the best way for koi keeping.


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