Kodama Koi Farm

We are “KOI EXPERTS” with 50 years of history as well as “KOI AMBASSADORS” promoting Japanese Koi throughout the United States. We are also the largest Koi farm in the United States providing authentic Japanese Koi, food, and information. With a visual identity that expresses “the traditions of Japan, the dedication of Koi artisans, and the beauty and enjoyment of Koi,” we aim to become a brand that people in the United States will regard, when it comes to “Japanese Koi, KODAMA is the best in the business”.

For our customers, we visually communicate the joy of living with Koi as a hobby for adults with cool, masculine, craftsman-style aesthetics that instantly feel “Japan”. We also aim to realize our philosophy: Nishikigoi makes everyone happy. All of our staff work together to achieve these goals.

“We are Kodama” – the best Nishikigoi distributor in the world.

Phone: (833) 564-5683
Email: info@kodamakoifarm.com
Website: https://www.kodamakoifarm.com/
Address: 94-840 Lanikuhana Ave, Mililani, Hawaii 96789